Monday, November 07, 2011

End of Autumn//Daily

I can hardly believe that Autumn has ended; gone is pumpkin season and freshly fallen leaves but with the end of Autumn comes the beginning of Winter.... which brings freezing mornings; see your breath weather and crunchy grass.

I thought I'd stop by and share some of my favourite end of autumn photos; this first one is Rusty enjoying some pumpkin - he does entirely love raw pumpkin:
Here he is again playing with the pumpkin stalk; he loved watching us all scooping and carving the pumpkins on Halloween:
Robbie and Kristofer dressed up as a zombie and frankenstein; they were very scary and they both loved their respective costumes:
Our pumpkins were carved as a cat and a vampire; I carved them again this year - it was awesome and so much easier because we bought a special carving kit:
On Saturday night (November 5th) we went to see the fireworks; unfortunately they no longer have a bonfire but we had fun - although it was very busy. We went and spent the evening with Clare and Daniel; had some dinner and took way to many photos:
This is Clare, Jay and I looking happy but cold:
This is the first year I've actually taken firework photos; I am not the biggest fan of fireworks but I did ok and this is defintely one of my favourite photos:
I also loved this one, it captured alot of movements and looks like dancing lights:
I am excited for a winter of christmas; hot chocolate, our annual christmas crop, knitting up a storm on cold days and baking way too much.
I'll be back later this week,
V xo

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Fay aka Beautifullily said...

oooh I love your kitten. Am broody for another to add to my 3 cats after having lost one earlier this year.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my coasters, yes I did crochet them, going to make some more for teacher presents. Have a great day.