//About Me

Hiya, my name is Vicki and this page is just a little bit about me.............. I'm 29 and I live in Scotland; I have lived in small towns for my whole life....... mostly in Scotland but for a few years down in the East Midlands:
I have been married for over a year to Jay, who is definitely my soul-mate, I love her so much!!!!
i took this photo on instagram and it went upside down.... i like it!!
We have 19 cats and 2 kids (keeps me busy all day long!!!) - Robbie is 6, he is autistic and is loving primary school. He loves art and music, and dances all the time:
Kristofer is 4 and is in nursery; he loves to read and dances alot, he has started doing football every week and loves to make stuff:
We spend alot of our time visiting places - last summer we went on a ship; to the beach alot; and to different parks. When we're at home we play with cars; do baking and painting and dance around!!!!

In addition to scrapbooking I love to bake, I run a crop each month so I get to bake for those ladies each month - one of the definite favourites if toffee nut muffins - but I like to experiment with cupcakes; sponges and (my personal favourite) rocky road.
I have started making birthday cakes now too, which is fun!!! Who knows maybe a business is in the pipeline for the future??

This past year I have also played around with making jams - infact we gave them as teacher presents for christmas (the teachers were very happy); I have tried various flavours but the favourites were Plum Brandy and Pumpkin Cinnamon - pumpkins are weird to me but they make the BEST jam.
I love to knit; and this year I have learned to purl and to do some cable knitting - I'm hoping to make a cardigan by the end of 2012!!!
 I wish there was a starbucks near me; hazelnut soya latte's are my very favourites - and I miss them.
I love to create, and I'm having a go at art journalling this year.
I like all different types of music but I do prefer voices that have something a little different about them.
I have chicken bones and lolly sticks, I love to dance but I have to rhythm at all and I wish i could poke around Dumbledore's office (bit of a HP fan).

I hope one day to work in design; to have my own studio and make stuff from other stuff.......
Thanks for stopping by my little world; I love that people stop by here and
I hope you enjoy it too. Leave a comment or drop me an email if you want.
V x