Friday, September 09, 2011

Where Have I Been? // Daily

Happy Friday all,
So things are like MEGA hectic here right now, I am coming to the end of my last assignment - it's due on Monday and I've not got much left to do. The assignment is to design something relating to a healthy lifestyle, so I chose to focus on Education, specifically in the Third World and how that relates to children here - it has actually been really interesting, and this photo has featured alot:
I have also baked 2 cakes this past week, this one has a bright pastel rainbow cake underneath, then it's covered it chocolate buttercream and then I have pressed about a thousand flakes (um exaggeration?) into it before finishing it off with some white chocolate - the lady this was for had a big birthday at the weekend, and loves chocolate; we went to her party and she loved the cake (we also had a great time, and danced loads):
Just before the weekend I was asked to make a cake for a 5 year-old's birthday, Kris is a friend of Robbie and Kristofer and there were no specifications for this cake - I had so much fun. I created a huge batch of marbled cake (marbled in red, orange and yellow), covered it in a pale green icing (he LOVES green) and set about decorating this very cute robot:

As you can tell, I also had fun making some cakepops - they were brilliant to make but not the easiest thing I've ever done!!!! I will be trying those again, I knew keeping cake offcuts would come in handy - I also freeze leftover buttercream so I will be playing cakepops again!!!! The cake went down really well with Kris and all of his friends at the party, and his mum loved it. It was also my first commissioned cake - and it felt so great to do!!!!
So that's what I've been doing, as you can see the last week has been majorly busy and it's not going to get quieter next week..... I have to start work on my EMA, I have to create my design portfolio and write an essay but it's externally graded so I'm a little nervous already however I do have about 4 weeks till that's due in.
Right I best get off, I need to pick up K in a little while - we are off swimming, which will be fun (and relaxing) before I come back and get my assignment finished.
love, V xo

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