Thursday, September 01, 2011

Goodbye August, Hello September!!!

Happy Thursday all,
Today sees the very beginning of September; I can't believe it - 8 months of 2011 are OVER!!! Anyhoo August was a great month for us - so I thought I might share a few pics:

Robbie blowing a dandilion clock down at the pond:
This is my sister Clare, just before she did a spinning somersault over that pole - it was hilarious, and yes I did it too:
Kristofer can only just reach those hoops; but I loved the way he was looking at it:
This was the moment (just before) on the boat going to Orkney, that the boat tipped (and all the plates moved) - yes the weather was horrendous; and there were a few vomiting incidences. Eating dinner on a boat, in bad weather = bad idea!!!! Just sayin':
Kristofer really loved having a go with Jay's camera over the week:
And of course, Robbie started school - we did cry some (as you do) but he is doing so awesomely; they have been studying insects at school - which is one of Robbie's favourite subjects:
Kristofer started his pre-school year at nursery; and got spiky hair (which he asked the hairdresser for himself!!!) - he is getting so tall, and loving his football practice (he can outrun me hehe); he is very very smart and can already write his own name:
So August was an awesome month for us - oh and I started tweeting!!! It's easy now because I have a blackberry (it's purple and so pretty) so you can follow me (if you want) - the_duchessYB. I do love tweeting already - it's fun and you meet some pretty fab new people. I'll be sharing some bloggy links later in the week.

September is shaping up to be quite busy for us - I am having a tooth extracted, we are going to a 50th birthday party (I am making the cake), Robbie is back to the fracture clinic and my OU course is wrapping up at the end of the month. And of course, I am hoping to squeeze in some scrappy stuff too.

Before I go, please check out my lovely SIL Emma's blog - Of Dropped Stitches, and Super Heroics; she is having a yummy giveaway!!!
love, V xoxo

PS - what do you think of my Autumn colours for the blog??? In my mind Orange is the new Pink!!!


Anonymous said...

Im loving the colours! Im hoping for an Indian Summer before autumn really kicks in :-P Sounds like you had a lovely August....roll on an even betetr September!!

Maggi said...

Great colors for Autumn! I can't believe it's September already! I love it though because Fall is my favorite! Great pics of the kids!