Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday - Trying Purling......

Happy Wednesday all,
Well this week I am actually (semi) organised enough for WIP Wednesday with Tami; although it has been a very hectic week with one thing or another!!!

Ok so my first project is the startings of a cowl; this is for my sister Lisa - she really wanted me to knit her a scarf; so this will hopefully go well:
I have done a bit more of my socks - don't judge me please, I am NOT a fast knitter. Any tips on becoming quicker would be gratefully received:
Lastly I have yarn and needles for a scarf I'm knitting for my wife - I'm trying purling on this!!! I took this picture before I started BUT I am now on Row 3 and it's looking good:
Lastly from me, Robbie fell at school last week and broke his collarbone - we couldn't believe it; 8 days into primary 1!!!! He's dealing with it really well, with the help of Bert - he had all his x-ray's done and is coping well with it; here he is at the bus stop this morning going to the fracture clinic:

Bert is definitely helping Robbie to communicate better; and try new things too. Primary 1 is going well for him too - I will share some pics soon of his first day; and of course Kristofer started his last year of nursery.
I better go, as it's nearly bedtime for the kids - and we are going for a walk to the beach for a bit. Thanks for stopping by.
love, V xoxo


Delusional Knitter said...

How to become a quicker knitter ... practice, practice, practice, LOL!! I realized how much faster I knit now that I did years ago when I started ... all I did was knit a lot and speed comes with practice.

Rachel said...

ooh looks like you have some lovely things on the go there, hope your little man gets better soon x

Sam Findlay said...

These all sound and look really good! Don't worry about being slow, I'm a bit slow too but I think practice is all there is to it! Sorry to here about your son, fingers crossed for a speedy and painless recovery!