Saturday, September 10, 2011

Scrap Class // Weekly Creative

Happy Saturday all,
Just swinging by to share some pics of a class I taught at our August crop. I decided pretty quickly that I wanted to do a quick tutorial on making flowers from the leg of a pair of tights, and another using 3 book pages:
We also did a layout using the flowers, and lots of pretty layering - I did the flowers above and this layout as my example before the class:
I also did another flower in the class, this time I used a tan tight leg that I sprayed with lime glimmer mist, I liked that this one turned out flatter (I used thinner tights for this flower):
And I created another layout, I did a few different things on this layout because I didn't want 2 identical layouts - I always encourage the crop ladies to feel their way around their own creativity and see how it goes, no-one comes out with identical layouts, it's fun!!!! I did create another paper flower but I didn't use it because it just didn't fit. This layout documents the Yelland part of our name; which came from Jay's nana's father (I think - my MIL will correct me if that's wrong) - I took this picture of our family plot up near Letham Glen and decided to scrap it:
Right I better go, I'm off out with my Gran for some lunch - she's doing better since her surgery and she feels like having a few hours out of the house.
love, V xo
PS - Pinterest Sunday is coming back soon, please bear with me.


Anonymous said...

oooo flowers with tights! Thats just cool :-P

Hope you have a lovely day!

Angie Delarie said...

Love how u recycled tights!
great idea

Kirsty.a said...

Clever use for all those holey tights! Love your layouts

Denise said...

fantastic idea!