Thursday, July 28, 2011

this picture tells 3 tales

Happy Thursday all,
Wow I have not been a good blogger AT all this month, with a total of just 5 posts before this one!!! Life got pretty hectic with birthdays, summer, being ill etc.... but I'm trying!!! Anyhoo to get back into blogging I found this fabby post over on Leigh-Ann's blog, Freckled Nest (one of my faves to read atm). So basically all you have to do is:  "Choose one of your pictures and tell a few stories that surround it :)". Here is the picture I have chosen:
  1. This photo is on the cover of my "Summer of Instagram" book (i will share this tomorrow).
  2. The pole is one of the highest Robbie has gone down (making me feel a little sick!!!)
  3. This was taken at Beveridge Park, where we love to go and ride on the swan pedaloos.
So that's mine, if you are joining in link me up - I would love to see what everyone else does!!!! Make sure you go check out Leigh-Ann's blog.......
love, V xoxo

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