Sunday, June 05, 2011

Pinterest Sunday - Rainbows

Happy Sunday all,
A bit of a late post for me this Sunday; it's been a quiet weekend - just studying, the BIL was over and I cooked a pork joint for the first time...... I don't like pork but my girlie does and so do the kids; so I also cooked a chicken.... so busy in that sense today!!!!
Anyhoo it's Pinterest Sunday and I've gone with Rainbows this time around - for 2 reasons really. Because of the pretty naff weather recently (in Scotland anyway), we've had our fair share of Rainbows - we saw a beautiful full one just on Wednesday. And it's Kristofer's birthday party on Saturday; so I am making a rainbow layer cake - I got the paste colours already so now it's just the baking part. I'll post pics after the party..... his birthday isn't until the 16th but parties are usually better on the weekend. Anyway RAINBOWS:

I just fell kind of in love with this picture, bright colours with soft textures are fab:

From what I could tell this was to do with quilting; I'm not overly sure but I absolutely loved the patterened version of rainbow colours:

Vintage paint set - do I need to say anything else????:

This chair with a simple rainbow painted on to it, is stunning. A fab example of simple beauty:

Going from simple to extreme with this one - I am in love:

Yummy!!! The rainbow cake. I am personally going with 6 colours but this is beautiful with all the sprinkles on top:

Rainbow stairs - if only I had somewhere to put those in our house:

Have you fallen in love with these rainbows??? Check out Pinterest for more rainbows..... you can literally search for anything on there!!! So pretty. I fell in love with Pinterest quite early on; and every time I go on there my list to share here gets longer!!! Pinterest Sunday won't be going anywhere......
If you want to play along on Pinterest Sunday with me, please feel free to share your loves!!! Make sure you link me up (i'm nosy) and remember to always link to your photo sources (credit where it's due!!!).
love, V xoxo

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Just Jaime said...

The rainbow board is my favorite! Great collection!