Friday, June 10, 2011

Grow Your Own, but Friday instead......

Happy Friday all,
Apologies for the delay for GYO this week, I was super snowed under yesterday making the birthday cake for tomorrow's party!!! It went well and I'll be sharing pics early next week. There will also be no Girl Crush this week; but I will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of Krista's gorgeous giveaway - there is still time to enter!!!!
Anyhoo my plants are doing really well this week. The chives are getting long, so I am hoping to have some chives really soon:
My pepper seems to have taken on quite a huge spurt this past week; obviously enjoying our Scottish weather at the moment!!!!! I really need to read up about pepper plants so I can figure out what happens next:
And finally the tomatoes, they are getting REALLY big!!!! I'll be ready to transplant them early next week - they will be going into small individual pots first, then the best growers will go into big pots. I'm so excited:
So I'll be back tomorrow; but there won't be a Pinterest Sunday this week either - we are off to an animal park all day on Sunday (again pics next week), it's just a bit of a lack of time thing this week. I usually pre-schedule my blog posts but I've had no time to do that either. Right I best get on, it's nursery run then jelly pots to make up.
love, V xoxo

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