Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Back/Features

Happy Friday all,
It's so good to be back; it has been so hectic getting my assignment done - and I'm on the last evaulation now; so it's pretty much ready for submission.
Anyhoo I have been hard at work on some new blog features; and a cute new banner - it's a similar blocked look to the last one, but with some different pictures. What do you think?
On the note of blog features:
I am looking for some new feature artists; all you need to play along is the ability to answer some questions and provide some photos of your work!!!! Email me or leave a comment here if you are interested!!!  If you're not a creative person; then perhaps my next feature will be more for you!!!
One of my new features...... is celebrating fashion - whether you're vintage or a 21st century girl; drop me an email if you would like to play along.

Within both of these 2 features there is the ability to include a small giveaway; I've done it before on But It's.... and they giveaways have proved popular!!! So even if you don't want to feature, check back for some pretty giveaways.

So the next 3 features are all done on set days; 2 are golden oldies and the other is new; but probably only for summer/autumn!!!!
Grow your own Thursday; it's kind of obvious really but this year I am attempting to grow my own veg; so this will be kind of like journal entries with photos...... I'm growing cherry tomatoes from seed (they are seedlings already); chives from seed and an orange pepper plant!!! So hopefully I'll have some veg to share at the end of the season. I'm also growing a pretty orange rose bush; which may feature from time to time.
Yup that's right, Girl Crush Friday is back; and better than ever..... the first post will be next Friday so stay tuned for that!!!
And of course, it wouldn't be But It's...... without Pinterest Sunday; this is one of my personal favourites - and I've noticed that others do something similar too.... so fun!!!
So, as I have a BUSY weekend, none of my features will be starting till next week - BUT stay tuned for Monday. I'll be back then; remember email me if you want featured.
love, V xoxo
PS - remember to Ask Me Anything, over on Formspring...... I'll answer the questions there and pop them in the FAQ page here.

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