Friday, May 20, 2011

Camera Bags - HELP!!!!

Happy Friday all,
So today is just a quick post, I've decided i want to get a camera bag for my birthday but I really could use some advice - I haven't a clue. Anyhoo these are a few that I like:
Any other ideas would be so great - just leave a linky!!!
I'll hopefully be back on track with blogging really soon....
love, V xoxo


Emma said...

I really like the first one, and for some reason the second one too, even though it's not something I usually go for. But how about this - ask for fabric for your birthday and make your own. There are loads of patterns online for camera bags and you can add whatever little touches or extra pockets you need.

Just Jaime said...

Make your own!

Sarah said...

Making your own sounds good, but failing that I love the second one xx

uhooi said...

This bag is nice, beautiful and sweet,