Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pinterest Sunday - Desserts!!!

Happy Sunday all, What do you think of my new Pinterest sunday badge? It needs a little more work I think but it's fine for now!!! During the week I went on Pinterest and the first thing I saw was a yummy looking dessert - so I thought I might share some...... 1. Key Lime Gateau 2. Love is Sweet
3. Matcha Cream roll
4. Pretty Chocolate Cupcake
5. Chocolate Mint Icebox
Source: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5
If you type in desserts into the search bar on Pinterest there are like thousands more..... doesn't it make you want to bake???

I'll be back in the week, not sure when as it's the Spring Holidays and I'm recovering from surgery right now.

love, V xoxo


Jocelyn said...

Love all of these goodies...Now I have a horrible sweet tooth!!! :-)

I adore Pinterest!!!

Wishing you a great Sunday!!!

Denise said...

yummy. hope your recovery goes well!

Anonymous said...

Is key lime gateau like key lime pie? thats probably a silly question isnt it :-P

Cat said...

Yummmmmy! I love Pinterest. Vickie I have a blog award for you. So come over and pick it up.
Take care.

Glenys said...

Yum! I don't know why but I'm attracted to green coloured desserts.

Jenny said...

oooo those look good :D omg i need to go to the baker now !! :D

Monique said...

Oh my goodness, Vicki do those look delish!!