Saturday, April 02, 2011

Feature Artist - Lizzie

Happy Saturday all, Today I have a super gorgeous mommy to share with you; Lizzie is amazingly talented - she is a designer for her own challenge blog as well as others and has guest designed for various blogs too!!! You can find Lizzie on her blog, Oh Snap or on her challenge blog, Hello Cutie Challenges. Here is her interview (and some of the cute things she makes): Who is your biggest creative inspiration? i love rachel denbow! she is an amazing crafty mom with amazing style. if i'm in a funk i visit her blog and get totally inspired! i'm also obsessed with sassafrass paper... if i'm in the mood to play with some paper but have no mojo i hit up their blog! Why did you start creating? when haven't i been creating? i've always been doing lil arts and crafts here and there. art has always been my favorite subject in school. even during the summers i remember going to the store with my granny and her buying me a new lil craft each week, from pearler beads to looms and jewelry making kits. i don't remember a time when i haven't been creating!! What is your favourite thing to create (and why)? i love making things for my kiddos something about making a dress for my daughter or a toy for my sons is really fulfilling... they are always asking me to make them things and i am glad to do it! Do you have a favourite song to listen to during your creative process? i mostly have the t.v on... i loves my scifi t.v shows and movies!! Who are your favourite manufacturers? for paper it's sassafrass and bella blvd... i love joel dewberry for fabric... and yarn i'm old school lion brand! You recently started sharing style posts, how would you describe your style? i'm a momma... so my style is simple! i don't think i could ever spend more than 50 bucks on piece of clothing in fear that my kiddlets will spill chocolate on me! i do however like to accessorize and that is what pulls the outfit together for me. just simple clothes with amazing necklaces and scarves go a long way for me!! What inspired you to start Hello Cutie Challenges? i love challenge blogs... they are SOOO fun! but there isn't really anything for ALL crafts! i have so many talents friends and b/c they aren't into paper crafts too much their work seems to be over looked and that makes me sad... so why not have a blog for ALL things made by you? it's fun!! What can we look forward to on your personal blog and on Hello Cutie? i'm trying to figure out featured posts... as in weekly things. something that fits me and not everyone is doing... of course i can do a what i am wearing wends... but where is the fun in that? that is why i have t.v thursday! it's fun and corky like me! Thanks Lizzie for your fab interview - remember to go check her out when you get the chance - her blogs are fab. love, V xoxo


lizzie said...

saweet! you are so cute vicki!! i'm so happy to a featured artist for you!!!

Viji Siddharth said...

Totally right about lizzie! Though I don't know her personally, but from her blog, her posts on mb, her spirit and her talent, her wonderful kids... She sure is a super crafty mom!!

Laurajean said...

Congratulations Lizzie ;)