Friday, April 01, 2011

Girl Crush Friday - the blonde edition

Happy Friday all, this post comes courtesy of me on Wednesday - I love blogger scheduling!!! Right now I'm at the hospital (hopefully) ready for my operation!!!! Last week I spoke about not featuring blondes enough so I thought I would do a blonde edition of Girl Crush Friday so here we go: Christina Aguilera I chose Christina because she is possibly one of the most beautiful, and talented ladies of our generation. She has an amazing voice, and a very beautiful son - and she has looks to make any girl envious:

Farrah Fawcett I have to admit something before speaking about Farrah - I don't know much about her except that she was an original Charlie's Angel. I know this is a photo from that time but I have severe hair envy...... it's so gorgeous and the flick is perfect:

Lady Gaga Ok I know she is NOT a natural blonde but who really cares? You can talk about blonde girl crushes without mentioning Miss Gaga herself. I wouldn't say she is typically "pretty" but there is something so extraordinarily stunning about her; and she can pull of just about anything!! From the giant egg to hair bows this woman is amazing - plus her voice is spectacular:

Admittedly i don't find Madonna attractive, so why is she in GCF? It is simply because she is fabulous - she is an amazing talent and has inspired so many of us in different ways:
So that concludes Girl Crush Friday; pop back tomorrow for lady I have a girl crush on - she's my feature artist!!!!

love, V xoxo

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