Thursday, March 31, 2011


Happy Thursday all, We've had Robbie and Kristofer living with us for a little over a year now, and we have just taken so many photos. At this time of year things are getting so much more active, so taking my Ipod (loaded with instagram and other cameras) out with us is so much easier than taking a big camera!!! Anyway I have a few of my favourite pics to share with you - these were all taken in the last week; this first one is them watching football with their cousin Jamie. Robbie was shouting GOAL alot.... I'm not sure he quite gets football yet: Yesterday Kristofer and I went along to the hairdresser, and it was a really sunny day - on sunny days we've been learning about shadows...... so here he is waving at the pavement: Kristofer is really loving superheros right now; Jay bought him some spiderman chocolate eggs (similar to Kinder Surprise) which all come with a different superhero. Here is his little spiderman:
Robbie came into our room this morning with a bucket on his head, and he actually let me take a photo - so I took the chance:
I love these boys; they are both doing so well and growing up so quickly. Kristofer is learning about shapes and shadows - he loves hexagon's right now. Robbie learned how to ride a bike without stabalisers; and will be starting school after the summer. They both change and grow every day; there is nothing in the world like having kids.

That's me for now, but I have a scheduled girl crush post for tomorrow as I'll be in surgery, I also have a feature artist for Saturday and Pinterest sunday tops of the week.

love, V xoxo

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Jocelyn said...

Great glad that the boys are doing so well!!

Thinking of you and sending prayers for your surgery!!!!