Thursday, April 21, 2011

April - Part 2

Happy Thursday all,
As promised last Thursday, here is April part 2!! It has been so super busy. We have spent time with Jay's brother (Steve) and his family (Emma, Ben, Jake and Olly); went to Letham Glen with Robbie and Kristofer and then last week I took Robbie to Edinburgh to have an MRI scan under general - it wasn't an easy day for either of us but I was really glad when it was over!!!! Anyway here are some pics early April:
This is me and Jay on the train:
Kristofer playing with his cousin's trains:
Jake with Ernie and Elmo, a wee present from Auntie Jay:
Olly has to be the cutest baby, he is so so gorgeous:
We went off to the park, 5 kids and 4 adults!!! Here is Jake on the climbing thingy:
4 of the boys together, this was one of my faves from the day;
This is Robbie and Kristofer with their cousin Ben and Uncle Steve (cute pic huh?):
This is our family plot at the graveyard, Angie's (MIL) grandfather is buried here and her mum's ashes lay here too; it was a beautiful day to go and see it and I'm glad we went (we took the name Yelland from Angie's grandfather):
I couldn't believe we seen some pretty orange butterflies, in April!!!!
Robbie loved playing in the trees at Letham Glen (near the graveyard):
And Kristofer and Jay went to play Pooh sticks down at the bridge:
It has been a great April so far, obviously I will be back in the next week or so with a Part 3 - busy month but I've loved every minute. I will be back tomorrow with Girl Crush and on the weekend too.
love, V xoxo


Emma said...

You're such a good photographer! I can never take nice photos :( Someday you'll have to show me what all the stuff on my camera does.
Can I take this opportunity to beg for a few of the photos you tokk while you were over here? It'd be nice to have some of the boys all together. x

Just Jaime said...

Wow, you have been super busy! Great photos!