Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Happy Wednesday all,
Just a wee quick post......
I have guested on Zoe's blog Pretty Zoo on her fabulous bite sized interviews; she asked me to answer 5 fabby questions, along with 3 other yummy bloggers.... go check it out and leave her some love!!! You can email her to take part in the bite sized interviews too.
I made jam on Sunday afternoon - 2 kinds!!! The top photo is Rhubarb and Apple (with just a tiny hint of black pepper); and the bottom photo is Marsala Spice Fruit:
Today I will be putting labels on the jars; I've made 19 jars of jam..... I think that's a record for me. In other news I got my grade back from my Uni assignment; I got 94%..... I could not be happier!!! I also have an infection in my leg; so on quite a lot of antibiotic to try and get rid of it!!!

Stop by tomorrow for April; Part 3. And if you're a new follower to my blog - welcome!! And thanks for following.
love, V xoxo


Just Jaime said...

Congrats on the great grade! The jam looks tasty. I've never heard of putting black pepper in jam...sounds interesting!

Mumbling Mum said...

That's a whole lotta jam, most excellent work!

Congrats on the assignment result and I hope you feel better soon xx

rosieposie said...

hey i was featured on zoe's blog with you this week so thought i would stop by and say hello!
congrats on your grade. and the jams sound yummy!