Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love - Vintage Dresses

Happy Thursday,
Ok so I missed yesterday; it was a bit of a hectic day and the kids are off nursery because of half-term!!!
Earlier in the week I shared my 6 confessions; one of which was that I love vintage dresses - so I thought I'd share some linkies to my favourite vintage shops:

Red Velvet Art - ALWAYS go trawling through this site; Elsie (and co) has done an amazing job at redesigning the website; if only I lived closer I'd go to their store!!!

My Vintage - this online store has dresses from 1920, right up to the 80's - something for everyone!!!!

Etsy - type in vintage dresses and there are hundreds of options; you can also choose your size; which, for me, is great!

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I am hoping that once my diet really kicks off, and I lose some weight I can get over my nerves and buy myself a little vintage dress. I weighed in yesterday and it's going well - I've lost about 9lbs so far - and I have to admit I haven't been that strict. I'm excited to get some new yummy spring/summer clothes.
I'm off for now; I have to start thinking about cooking dinner..... the kids have made pizza with a puff pastry base so they might take a while in the oven!!!
love, V xoxo

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The Knitting Ninja said...

I'm definitely gonna check out the stores you recommended. I'm after a really nice 40's dress so maybe I'll get lucky. And you are always welcome to borrow my shoes - it's probably the only way the poor things will see the light of day :)