Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Talking About: Design

Happy Tuesday (only just here);
I promised a post everyday this week so I'm just squeezing one in tonight. I have mentioned (once or twice) that I'm doing an OU course in Design - I am on week 4, and I am loving it so far; I get to think about design all the time - and about designs that I love (and hate); and really explore everything around it.
Anyway for the purpose of this post I've chosen 3 designs that I am in love with right now; one was mentioned on the course; one I saw on TV tonight and the other - well I feel inspired by;

Alexander McQueen
I was, personally, very sad to hear of his passing last year; but obviously his company have continued on with his work. This is just a tiny part of his spring/summer collection and it is amazingly beautiful (oh to own a piece!!!):

Vivienne Westwood

Wow imagine getting to design a Brit Award; how amazing? Apparently every year a new designer (or creative person) will be chosen to design the brit; and of course Vivienne Westwood was an amazing person to choose for this year:

Tim Brown
Ok, so you probably haven't heard of him but he did a talk on creativity and play, if you click the link on his name you can see the video; and in the video he talks about having a VW camper van as a meeting room - I want that!!! I dont have a picture of the actual campervan but thought I'd share one:
Also did you know that the designers for Disney Pixar all work in wooden huts??? So amazing; I am excited to find out more......
love, V xx


Twiglet said...

Brit award is very Viv Westwood isn't it - brill.

Anonymous said...

You have to love Viviene Westwood....its like a law or something :-)