Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Update

Happy Saturday all,
Wow this week has gone by far to quick; I'm just about to go and play Peppa Pig with Kristofer but I thought I'd share a quick post - I know I missed yesterday (i'm not good at this) but I've enjoyed blogging this week!!!!

I can't believe I forgot to post pics of my new hair - I had a fringe cut in about 3 weeks ago now (it's going to need trimmed soon!); here is a pic of me at the town park yesterday:

I spent the afternoon there with the boys; Clare and Daniel - it was fun and it's made me excited for spring..... I'm bored of rain now. Anyway here are a couple more pics....

Robbie loves to climb (makes me nervous tho!!), here he is being spiderman:

This one is Daniel, Robbie and Kristofer in one of those photohole things (it's an octopus) - we couldn't get them all in that well - instructions were not our forte yesterday:

We went back to Clare's around 4.30; by which time it was getting really, really cold - and today we have rain; so it's yet ANOTHER indoor day.

I'm hoping to take the kids swimming next week; we're also off to a friend's house early in the week and I have to get organised for the crop next weekend....... so set to be a busy one again. And of course I'll squeeze in some more blogging next week - I just need to get some post inspiration; sometimes you just don't feel inspired to blog at all.

loves, V xxx

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