Friday, December 03, 2010

In The Beginning - December Daily

Happy (late) Friday night,
I firstly must apologise for being such a pants blogger of late - this week we have been pretty much snowed in and I've had kids to keep entertained - so obviously that has come first.

However in the evenings I have been working on my December Daily project - this project is run by Ali Edwards, who has done this for a good few years now and this year I decided I wanted to join in - and I have to say I'm glad I did!!!! If you want to know more about DD just go check out HERE.... it's not to late to start!!! Also check out the flickr group for some amazing inspiration - there are some awesomely talented people doing this!!!

I actually started my book about 2 weeks ago, when I went into a charity shop and saw a beautiful old book that I wanted to alter - and so my plan was born. I set about stripping it down, using alot of glue and remaking the front cover (obviously using the old one as a base). I knew I wanted to go for a vintage/traditional feel for my book - so I went with a red and gold cover, with a few pretty doilies for added texture:
I will say at this point that I have not prepared all my pages - I am several pages ahead in preparation and I do plan on staying that way. I don't have photos on 1st and 2nd December yet - just because I only just got them printed - but at the end of December I will share a slideshow of the completed book, all bound and yummy.

Ok here is my first page, I used mostly basic grey and prima through my book. On the 1st of December we were having our 3rd snow day so I thought that would be the perfect theme for the page - the tags will have photos of Robbie and Kristofer out in the snow:
2nd December is about our decorations, again photos need to be added and maybe a few other little bits but the main basis is done:
3rd December is the only day I've completely finished, but has a few pages as I've used a glitter transparency. I decided to do a christmas past page:
There is a 2nd tag on the back of the photo, cut to the same size which has the title and then there is some journalling in the little envelope (which my lovely wife helped me to make!!):
So far, so good I think!! LOL. I'm really enjoying this project - I can't wait to finish the book and see what it's like. I think because you can do what you want with this and there are no boundaries I'm enjoying it more.
Right I best get off to bed, it's Jamie's (my nephews) birthday treat weekend, and we're off ice-skating tomorrow, so I need some energy to look at least slightly graceful.
Ciao xx


Abbey said...

FABULOUS Cover! The doily is perfect.

dawn said...

I love the cover of your album. So far mine isn't done because I can't decide on just one idea. The rest of your pages look great too. This is so much fun doing a little bit everyday, no stress just fun. Enjoy

cia said...

What a cool idea to do a Christmas past page!!

(And thanks for the comment on my blog!)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous December Daily. I love what you are doing and can't wait to see more.

Tracey said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. This is my third year at doing a DD and I love it more every year. I am loving the mix of digital and hybrid and love the 6 x 8 size. I can't wait to see yours finished and I love the idea of it being done in an old book.
Love me :-)

Maggi said...

Wow, this is looking great!

nancy said...

Your book is just gorgeous! Love all the layers & details.