Sunday, November 21, 2010

Right Now......

..... I am feeling very creative. We have been sorting out all this week and have been really quite busy. So here are a few little projects I'm doing/taking part in:

A lovely bloggy friend of mine sent me this perle headband kits courtesy of Neekaknits over on Etsy, it's so pretty and you can choose your own colours. I am going to start mine in the next few days - so exciting:
The last few years I've been watching the December Daily/SYC trends, and been deciding if I was going to do one, which one??? So I've plunged in this year and decided to do December Daily 2010:
Ali Edwards runs this fabby project - it's based around 25 days - from December 1st until the big day itself. Everyday you document the things you do, and you can pretty much use anything you want. I've been following the December Daily flickr group and getting tons of inspiration for my book. I am using an old vintage book I bought from the Salvation Army, which I plan to take apart and design in my own way. I will use all the pieces tho. I have lots of bits and pieces for the individual pages from wallets, to envelopes and even a little gold baggy. Make sure you check in later this week and I'll share some of the pages with you all.
I'm hoping to have a few little creative bits to share later this week but I have to get organised for our christmas crop so we'll see. Have a great day xx


Nancy said...

Looking forward to seeing you December Daily project I am doing JYC for the first time this year.


Maggi said...

What cool projects, have fun!