Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 Simple Goals

~Happy Thursday all,
~I recently seen that Miss Elsie is doing a "simple goals" project - for this you share your 4 goals for the rest of this year..... they have to be simple and do-able, not result orientated but activity orientated!!!! So here are my 4 goals:

1. Make some new stuff for my Etsy shop!!! I have brooches in there already, but I do plan on making some more fun bits for it very soon (maybe in the next week or so.....)
2. Take photos of my everylife - i do NOT do this enough, and I'm excited to make this one of my goals!!
3. Learn to sew....... i so much want to do this - i want to make cute stuff!!!
4. Do proper blog posts!!! I recently lost my want to blog, and I know I need to get back to it so this is the perfect goal for me.
~Thanks Elsie for your super sweet challenge!!!! I'm so excited to see what other people do.
~love, Vicki xxx


Jocelyn said...

Great to do list!!!! I would love to learn to sew!!!

Wishing you a great one!!!

Catherine said...

Now I want to do simple goals! Great list... I also need to take pictures of my every day.