Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Favourites - Vintage Typewriters!!!

~Happy Friday all,
~I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone, it's just passed in a bit of a blur - we've mostly been doing wedding stuff this week, and GUESS WHAT? We're almost done!! My dress is in and I have my first fitting in a few weeks, the flowers are done so we're off to see them next week, Jay has her ring (mine will be in soon) and all the little bits and pieces are pretty much done. We're meeting with our photographer over the weekend to discuss our photos etc.... I can't believe it's just 7 weeks away. Anyway this post is NOT supposed to be a wedding post so let me get back to the theme. It's Friday Favourites and I decided to share my new vintage love with you - typewriters!!!!
~I've seen vintage typewriters everywhere right now, and I found these gorgeous ones on The Vintage Typewriter Shoppe, they are all so individual - i really want one but I don't really have the space for one!!! Anyway for now here are some pics (go check out the website for loads more):

~My favourite is definitely the 2nd one - so perfect!!! I love that it's just on that piece of wood - it's so different!!! In a world of computers and printers, typewriters have become kind of extinct but I love them, and their very vintage feel. Maybe one day I shall have one??? (or 2!!!)
~That's me for today, sorry it's a short one but I'm off to do some tablecloth measuring at our reception venue. I'll be back soon.
~love, Vicki xxx


Leah the Orange said...

oh goodness, BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! they are beautiful. i would love to own the 4th or 5th and i could SO see myself using them on everything! MMMMMM.

thanks for the eye candy, and happy friday, Vicki! :D

Jocelyn said...

Oh these are!!!!! The second one is awesome!!! I have one antique typewriter....I just wish I had more space...

Sounds like things are going great with the wedding plans!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Bethany Mason said...

I WANT ONE. I know I don't need one and it takes up a lot of space but I've always had a fascination with typewriters ever since watching Harriet the Spy - they make me think of real writers, lol.

Linby said...

Would you believe I learnt to type on something not dissimilar to the first one!I'm not that old really! If you don't have room for the whole typewriter do what I did and buy a vintage typewriter key with your initial on made for a bracelet/necklace from etsy.
Glad the wedding prep is going ok you must be getting excited now.

Jane (J-bug) said...

Ooh - I bought a vintage typewriter a few months ago - my plan was to take off the keys to use on art projects - but I couldn't bring myself to do it - I do love my typewriter!!!

Rose said...

aaaww i love vintage typewriters. I saw one in a second hand shop for only $15 and am so sad I didnt buy it, the next time I went back it was gone :(