Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Another Croppy Saturday

~Happy Saturday all,
~So I'm not overly sure if "croppy" is a word but go with it!!! So today was the crop - and I had a blast, it was a really good one. I got 4 layouts done but I did have a slight mishap, my scissors slipped and stabbed me in the finger - it hurts..... alot!!!!!!

~Ok so I can share 3 of the layouts, because the 4th is for my sister's children's album and I dont' want to share those right now!!!! Ok so here we go:

~Muddy Feet
~I used Basic Grey Granola for this one!!! The photo is my nephew Oscar (well his feet), at the beach last year:
~Out and About
~This is definitely my favourite from the day!!! I love the colours of the We Are Memory Keepers "Whiteout" collection!!!! The photo was taken on Rosie's first day out last November:
~I was really pleased with this one too, and I used BG Eerie for it!!! The photos are my FIRST pumpkin last year!!!! I just had fun with this and used some fabric and a felt vine:
~I am definitely looking forward to next month's crop!!! I wish I could go all the time! hehe. I will be spending some time scrapping next week. All I've really done is altered stuff recently so it's nice to get back to scrapping.
~love, Vicki xxx

P.S - make sure you check in on Kara's fabby giveaway if you haven't done already!!!!


Metal_Minish said...

Ouch, hope your finger heals well and stop hurting soon! ÓxÒ

Awesome work on all of these! Love the detail with the hinge on the "out and about" LO~

Jane (J-bug) said...

Great LOs - wish I could have been there - but at least the concert was FAB!

Claireliz said...

great LOs ouch for the finger :)

The Knitting Ninja said...

I really love the muddy feet LO - it just sums up being a kid I think. Plus, everytime I see a picture of Rosie I think it's Harley! it's uncanny how much they look alike!!

Kristina H said...

The feet are adorable and I LOVE the hinge on the kitty picture.

Thanks for sharing,