Monday, July 26, 2010

Recipe Monday (and a WINNER)

~Happy Monday everyone,
~So after a somewhat hectic Sunday, ALL our wedding plans are now finalised!! YAY I'm so happy. But I will do a wedding post later in the week afterall, today is Recipe Monday. So I am going to share with you Slimming World Chips:

Potatoes (not small ones)
Spray Oil (fry light)
Herbs or Seasoning (i like paprika and BBQ)

1. Set your oven to about 200C. Cut your potatoes into wedges - leaving the skins on ( i guess you could take them off if you wanted!!)
2. Par boil (for about 10 minutes or so)
3. Drain your potatoes, put the lid on and SHAKE (this helps - not really sure how tho!!!)
4. Spray a little oil at the potatoes and season - shake again. Spray some oil in an ovenproof dish (i used a glass casserole dish to cook).
5. Pour your potatoes into the dish and cook for about 25 minutes - check with a skewer. The skins should be crispy and the potatoes should be soft... if not leave for a while but check in 5 minute intervals
6. You CAN serve these with anything - i had them with quorn kiev balls for dinner last night - so good.

~Let me know what seasoning you use - I am wanting to try something new.
~The winner of last week's fabulous prize by the lovely Miss Kara is......... Jessi of Art My Way, please email me at with your email and snail mail addresses.
~See you all tomorrow with my uber fabby friend's interview.
~love, Vicki xxxx


Nancy said...

I did slimming world a while ago and need to get back on it, i used to love them chips,used to eat them by the bowl full and it is all free after all.

My favourite seasoning is garlic salt and paprika. I also used Italian herb mix which was great with roasted veggies. I also put curry powder on once and had them to dip in quorn pieces curry.

Hope this inspires you


JessiW said...

woohoo!! I am so lucky this week:):) Thanks!!