Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday: Life, in general!!!!

~Happy Friday all,
~I thought I'd pop in and let you know of all the going's on in my life. I know I haven't been keeping up with all of my blogging, and I apologise but things have been very hectic and I've not really done much creative in a few weeks - so nothing to share on that score. Anyway I do have a few things to share.......
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~Yup I've lost 10lbs so far - I get weighed again on Monday!!!! I have just 4lbs to lose before I get my stone award!!!
I've only had 3 weigh ins and I've been Slimmer of the Week twice. I am also down a dress size - I'm doing Slimming World, and it's great!!!
~In other news we've been doing some more wedding planning, it's only 11 weeks tomorrow until the big day. My dress will be in next month and my ring is being preordered today - and Jay's will be getting ordered soon too. It took me so long to find the PERFECT ring but I'm there now. We also have a good friend (Jane) doing our wedding cake, so I'm excited to see how that will look. And the flowers and decorations for the hall are all ordered too.
~The invitations will be going out really soon, we just need to get them finished and then my very kind sister is going to write them out for us - she's got great writing (and she offered LOL).

~And finally, these boys are still with us:
~For how long? We're not really sure - but it looks like they will start nursery again here next month. It's going to be at least a few months before there will be any changes made but we're loving having them here!!!!

~I'm away to the crop tomorrow so I'll either post tonight or tomorrow some layouts!!! I'm really looking forward to it - it's going to be good, I haven't done much scrapping lately because I just haven't had the time - so a whole day will be great. I've got 4 kits organised!! See you soon.
~love, Vicki xxx


Jocelyn said...

YAY.......on the weight loss!!!!

Sounds like a busy...but exciting time!!!!

Have a great day sweet friend!!! :-)

Jane (J-bug) said...

10lbs off and you're looking fab!!

Hope the crop goes well tomorrow, sorry I won't be with you all.

jillofallcrafttrades said...

congrats on the weightloss!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the weight loss and I hope you have a fun time getting crafty

JessiW said...

Way to go!! Keep up the good work, and glad things are going well for you:)
Love, Jess