Wednesday, April 07, 2010

WOYWW......... 30 Days - Day 6

~Happy Wednesday everyone,
~I can't believe it's April 7th already, in just 6 months I'll be 2 days away from getting married.... OMG!!! How are the plans going? Well I am ordering my hair piece next month, I had the lovely Kirsty make me some gorgeous earring and I'm going dress shopping with my sister next weekend....... BUT the dress I had my eye on has gone out of stock so I have to look further afield and choose again, but I'm ok with that - it'll make me try on dresses I wouldn't otherwise try!!!! Anyway back to the matter at hand, it's WOYWW today!!!! Pop over to Julia's blog to take a look at everyone else's desk - it's fun!!! And here is my desk today:
~Yup that's right, it's MESSY!!!! I am actually doing a layout just now for next week's Scrap Tiffany DT work - so consider this a sneak peek. I'm not overly sure what I'm doing with it but I have embossed a title:
~I won't tell what the title is just now, but I'll be uploading it on Monday so you'll see then!!! A few people have commented on my "relationship" with Morph - I love him!! LOL :D. No seriously Jay bought him for me for Christmas and he holds my paintbrushes or pens at crops - very helpful is little morph.

~So today is also Day 6 of the 30 days challenge, whatever tickles your fancy which for me today is to show you our 18 cats....... a few people on WOYWW have asked to see them so I thought this was the perfect topic for Day 6:
~Top Row (l-r): Bilbo, China, Marvella, Willow, Mika, Madison
~Middle Row (l-r): Misty, Phoebe, Smudge, Lucky, Felix, Honey-Pot
~Botton Row (l-r): Wanda, Sayba, Nahla, Buffy, Rosie, Sid

~So there you go, 18 cats - yes we are slightly mad but we love each and everyone, they are all very individual and we know them all inside out!!!! Aren't they cute????
~Ok that's me for now, I'll be back tomorrow with Day 7, and hopefully later in the week with something creative.

~love, Vicki xxx


Jocelyn said...

Time is going by so quickly and good luck on finding a new dress!!!

Love the look of your desk!!

Those babies are so adorable and I admire that you have taken them in and given them such a wonderful home...

We went to pick up food for Miss Cosmo and they had so many kitties up for adoption...Miss Cosmo is missing her tail and I fell in love with a black kitty that has something wrong with her eye...I may be going back to get her today!!! I know...all the misfits can come home with me!!!

Have a great day!!!

Cardarian said...

I gave you 2 awards as I think you deserve them.....ahh you are getting married - hope you find a dress you like! Lovely cats! Will be back to see the project!

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Aww, look at all your cute kitties!
Good luck dress shopping.
Clare x

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Hi Vicki,
Here's a link for making grunge paper roses.
Clare x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Wow! Love the cats ;) Do you ever call them the wrong name, you know like parents sometimes do, or is that just when you get older - I called my granddaugter Lewis this morning :-/
The desk's not messy to me :)
Anne xx

Penni said...

I do hope you find another dress, I bet you'll find a few and then have a difficult choice!!!

Love the desk but love the kitty pictures more. They are all so beautiful.

I love my two but I want another. I can't have any more though. My eldest son is allergic to cats!! Also my cats are indoor cats and really two is enough. I can't let them out as they would probably get stolen. At least I know that they are always safe at home though.

Have a great time shopping for that dress.


Wipso said...

Good luck with all the Wedding plans. Love the cats....what a lot you have :-)
A x

Kaz said...

Wow that's a lot of cats! Good luck dress shopping and I love your Morph x

Julia Dunnit said...

OMG I just know that you're going to turn that BG paper into soemthing amazing..stand by to be copied! I love the pp but I'm a bit scared of it!

Paula Gale said...

wow 18 cats - do they all live in the house... my kids call me cat lady but I only have three!!!! must be lovely always having one to cuddle...

good luck with the dress hunt.

Paula x x x

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

great desk pic this week! love your putty cats pics...beautiful!

I adore your little hanger square with all the buttons in the background its so cute!!

hugs mandyxx

Helen said...

18 cats???? Wow. Good luck with your wedding dress hunting, and the other plans.

Darcy said...

Good Luck with the dress hunt, I am sure the right one will turn up. Great kitty photos.After housesitting for a friend and looking after her cat i think I would quite like one, but my OH is allergic, so no chance lol x

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I have two cats and they are adorable - just like yours. Good luck dress hunting.x

voodoo vixen said...

OMGoodness... 18 cats!! They all look so totally different, I see you have a calico, they have such character!!I am sure you are rewarded with huge purrs and affection for your kindness.

Handmade with Love said...

Wow that is alot of cats but they are all gorgeous and so are your two nephews sounds like you have been having great fun with them! Look forward to seeing the project and good luck with your dress search! Tracey x

Ladybastard said...

18 cats??
*___* adorable!

Linby said...

Good luck with the dress hunt. I know that you already got this award but I wanted to give it to you too. You have such interesting posts, especially the daily one you are currenlty doing. I was reading back over your blog and read about you changing courses at college, and it made me mad. So, good luck with everything and especially with the dress hunt.

Ikki said...

Interesting post, intrigue with your work. Good luck with the dress shopping. ikki

Hazel said...

Good luck with the dress shopping. Love the kitties. Your Marvella looks just like our Ruby (but we only have three!)

Cathy said...

very interesting!
look forward to seeing your finished project.
so many cats! Honey-Pot reminds me of my Bubbles (now in cat heaven)

Cher~ said...

Good luck on the dress hunt. Love those papers and look forward to your layout Now I see a little birdhouse on your desk; - I've seen a few of those today???

Linda Elbourne said...

Love the paper and oh my word ... How many cats??? What I need to know is how you got the piccies laid out like that on blogger ... I really need to know ... like now ... pleeeeeease :0)

Mummylade said...

The cats are adorable - all of them. We have two and that's a handful so good job!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with all the wedding plans and finding another dress. Wow, 18 cats, I'm stunned!! Another one with a pink wall, I hadn't noticed that before!


Jodie said...

you are my hero, 18 cats!!! :D
you will have to tell me a few things I wonder...
how did they come to be your cats, are any related? and also, are they all indoor, or outdoor cats?!
aww do they all get in the bed at once, that would be a massive awesome kitty hug :)
i love my two girls so much so imagine 18 wow!

and eek ur wedding is SO close, i can't wait to see the pics, and i hope u find the perfect dress, im pretty sure its just waiting for you to find it ;)

Spyder said...

Love your cat pics!!

tea_bag said...

Hope you find a new and perfect dress Loving all those cats your blog is fab almax