Tuesday, April 06, 2010

30 Days - Day 5 and Discovery!!!!

~Evening all,
~Well I can't believe it's Tuesday already...... tomorrow will be WOYWW and day 6 of the 30 days challenge!!! Anyway today is only Day 5.... and it is your favourite quote. This was NOT hard for me at all, this is my favourite:

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun." Mary Lou Cook

~I completely AGREE with this, I love taking risks in my scrapping and breaking rules is just so much fun!!!! Making mistakes??? WELL..... i would like to say I didn't make those BUT i do all the time, but you do learn from them and you grow as an artist/scrapper.

~So that's my day 5.... in other news. The boys may be going home this week!!!! I will miss them, but to be honest I'm looking forward to being able to do some more scrapping and have a nice tidy house again for a bit!!! lol. Anyway yesterday I took them to the Discovery in Dundee (which for those who don't know it's a ship!!!). They totally loved it and Kristofer talked about pirates the whole time, here they are looking excited to get on:
~Kristofer "steering" the ship:
~And Robbie also having a go:
~Here is just an arty shot of the ship, I took loads but this was my favourite:
~On the way off the ship, we saw this:
~You use the rope to pull up 5kg...... Kristofer LOVED this - and it was hilarious to see him try it...... I got loads of photos from this too but the one above is my favourite - he really tried!!!

~Anyway I'll be scrapping some pics of our day out soon, I ordered them today!!! I've had so much fun with these boys in the last 3 weeks - so much!!! We're going to make scones tomorrow and if it's dry go to the park. They love to bake, and they are actually quite good but they do eat alot of the ingredients!! hehe. So pics of that coming soon. I'll be back tomorrow with WOYWW and something I fancy.... not sure what yet.

~love, Vicki xxx

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