Thursday, April 08, 2010

30 Days - Day 7, 91!!! and I've been awarded.........

~Happy Thursday all,
~Well things here are fine , I took Kristofer to the doctors yesterday and he has tonsilitis so is on some penicillin that he hates but is being very brave. Anyway Angie very kindly looked after him this afternoon while he slept so I could take Robbie swimming - it was fun!!! Robbie played boats on a giant float. We are having a meeting with some people on Monday with regards to the boys going home so next week I could be back doing more creative stuff again!!!! I'm excited to get back to it but sad to see the boys go - it's been lots of fun!!! But my sis will let us have them back anytime for a visit - I'm just glad she's doing better and it'll do the boys good to be home. Thank you so much for all the lovely messages you've been leaving over the last 3 weeks - it's been really nice.
~Ok so today for the 30 days challenge, it is a photo that makes you happy!! Well I have 6..... one for every year since 2005 (including this year) because these all make me happy, so here they are:


~This is me, in the Lake District, standing on top of my first mountain - it was so much fun and quite a big achievement for me!!!!

~In 2006 I lived in England and this is me with some of my friends who were visting from America in the spring of that year - this is about 6 months before I moved back to Scotland.

~Ok so NO, this is NOT the best photo of me - but I was happy and I can still look back at this photo and smile. This is me in Malta and YES that is blonde hair. I was holding a kitty who lived in a pub - cats pretty much rule in Malta, they are EVERYWHERE.

~This was the first weekend I spent with Jay, pretty much a year before we got engaged. We went to the beach on the Sunday and there was a pretty amazing thunderstorm - I'm not the biggest fan of thunderstorms but our friendship was made that day.

~My engagement ring - I look at it a million times a day and it still make me happy - knowing that I get to spend my life with the woman that I love.... it's amazing to me.

~Obviously it is only April, but this is my favourite for the year so far. Robbie and Kristofer really made me happy when I took them on the Discovery, it was so much fun and seeing their faces light up when they saw the ship - it was fab.

So they are my photos that make me happy, I couldn't choose just 1 photo. I'll be back tomorrow with day 8 - a photo that makes you sad. I dont' know what I'm doing for this - probably not a photo of my own tho.

~In other news today I got my 91th follower.......
~Yup 91.... and I'm not really sure why!! LOL. I find it very humbling that people want to follow my blog and read about my life, my creations and all the other going-ons for me. Anyway I've said before when I reach 100 followers I'll do a fab giveaway :D.

~Lastly I got some lovely blog awards from Linby and Cardarian - thanks ladies, it's very nice of you both. I am going to give all 3 awards to these 3 ladies and they are:
~Jocelyn - her whole life is an inspiration to me, she is a very loving strong woman.
~Julia Dunnit - our fearless WOYWW leader, has started something amazing
~Darcy - she makes the most amazing altered art out of the funnest materials - she rocks!!!

~So ladies all you have to do is take the awards and give them to a few people - it's up to you how you do it..... but enjoy.

~Ok that's me for today, I'll be back tomorrow with Day 8.
~love, Vicki xx


Ladybastard said...

awww beautiful pictures ^_______^
big hug sweetie!

Linby said...

ooh I love your engagement ring.

Tara said...

AWWW! I'm in your 2006 picture!!! :) That was such a fun week! (Remember pranking a certain person at like 1 in the morning? So much fun!) I didn't get to go on the last trip over in 2008, and it's looking like I probably won't be over this summer either... I really just need to schedule my own trip and come for a visit! :)