Saturday, April 10, 2010

30 Days - Day 8 AND Day 9

~Happy Saturday all,
~I'm just doing a quick blog post before I go and finish my DT work for Scrap Tiffany. So I know I missed yesterday and didn't get Day 8 done so here it is:
~A photo that makes you sad. I got this one from the NSPCC website - I don't generally support alot of charities - I pick a few and stick with those. NSPCC is one of the charities I do support and it's close to my heart for various reasons. Abuse affects 1 in 4 children in the UK - that's ALOT of children but it takes money and support for those children to be helped. So that's my Day 8, go check out the NSPCC website when you get a chance.

~Day 9 is a photo you have taken:
~This is Robbie, aged 6 months and is one of my favourite photos of him as a baby!!!! This was Christmas day 2005.

~I don't have anything creative to share today, but I'll be back tomorrow with Day 10 and then on Monday with my Scrap Tiffany layout.

~love, Vicki xxx

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