Thursday, March 04, 2010

Award, Inspo and Hair Colour....... WHY DOES IT MATTER????

~Happy Thursday all,
~I have to admit, I'm excited to have a bit of a creative day today but I figured I would blog first. I got given this lovely blog award by my fabby future MIL, Angie..........
~So I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself.... now that's not easy but here goes:

~1. I have an illness called Dissociative Identity Disorder, which basically means I have 4 other personalities...... it's quite un-nerving sometimes but it saved my life!!!
~2. Sausages have been my favourite food since I was little, I LOVE them.
~3. I lived in England for 3 years, it was an interesting time for me but it taught me alot.
~4. I cannot drink any diluted juice other than Ribena - I just don't like it.
~5. I love watching Nigella at Christmas, and getting fab ideas!!!!
~6. I do NOT understand Football, nor do I care.
~7. I don't really like chocolate ice-cream - but I do like chocolate and I do like ice-cream!!!!

~So those are my 7, not sure if they are interesting or not, but there you go. Ok so I have to nominate 7 people for this award and they are....... well I know there are more than 7 but I'm nominating the Scrap Tiffany DT - girls you all ROCK, you are so creative and I love seeing what you come up with every week - enjoy your award.

~So next Wednesday I am going to start playing along with this:
~Julia Dunnit, who has a FAB blog (go check her out), started What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, last year - and it has TAKEN off. Basically you take a photo of your workdesk each Wednesday and post it on your blog - so much fun and you make new bloggy friends (which i LOVE).

~I got this little inspiration pic, from my new blog friend, Julie Ann, her blog is FAB and she has so many inspiration pics for Alice in Wonderland.......
~So I will be doing a layout using the inspiration from this picture, I really love the colour and the lettering - it's all fab - so that'll be coming soon. I'm also going to do this month's sketch challenge by A Trip Down Memory Lane.

~Lastly, this girl posted a petition against Sainsbury's policy on Hair Colour on Facebook - basically they are threatening to fire her if she does not change her hair colour - which I, and many others, feel is WRONG.
~If you feel that hair colour does NOT matter and does not effect how you do your job, go sign the petition HERE and join her in her fight.

~Anyway that's me for now, I'll be back at the weekend with some layouts (or perhaps tomorrow).
~love, Vicki xx


Claireliz said...

I once got sent home from school for dying my hair post box red, I went back the next day with purple & yellow colours lol

Toucan Scraps said...

looking forward to seeing your desk later

Enjoy the Ride said...

I have heard that people who really understand the flavor of chocolate... chocolate connoisseurs so to speak... detest chocolate ice cream. I, too, love chocolate, and love ice cream, but do not care for chocolate ice cream. :)