Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Week//Daily

This week I have been knitting, studying, playing with my gorgeous boys, throwing around pieces of yarn for the cats to play with and just feeling a little cheerier - you might say it's the weather BUT it's not - it's rained here for the past week..... no I'm just feeling happy. Anyway I thought I might stop by and share a few photos from my week.

Rusty playing with some yarn:
 Toto looking a little annoyed, he doesn't like having his photo taken:
 Kristofer and his Nanna Anja playing draughts; these moments are very precious:
I really need to get my camera out more, I am starting a photography OU course in October and I've become a little lazy with my camera - so my resolution? Use my camera more - my actual camera NOT just my Ipod (sometimes instagram is a little easy).........
V xx

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