Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Projects//WIP Wednesday

I wish I could have come back from my break with some finished objects but instead I've got 3 halfway done projects; it's really hard to not cast on something new as I got a lace pattern and some laceweight yarn the other day. Anyway's here are my WIP's:

Firstly is a little bunny; I have done both heads, all feet and a leg - so I still have the front and back, 2 arms and 1 leg to finish!!! I'm doing it mostly in brown and cream but his jumper will be turquoise - he's a present for my sister and has been a relatively easy knit:
 Second; I taught myself how to cable, by making a cute headband. I'm beginning to realise that if I teach myself in stages and start small it'll be easier, so here is my first cable knit:
 And third, I am knitting a shawl. I am using an olive green cotton yarn, it's so soft and I can hardly wait until spring to wear this. It's a fairly simple little pattern that I made myself:
I can't wait to see what everyone over at Tami's blog is up to this week - it feels like forever since I've had a good look at pretty knits.
V x


Kerry said...

I love cables. Such a pretty colour to practice with

Minding My Own Stitches said...

The little bunny is bound to be adorable. The blank little head pieces are charming as is, before the assembly even begins!

Careful - cabling can become addictive :)

Hege said...

Great way to learn cables. Going to be a pretty headband :)

Natalie said...

Hi Vicki,

I can't wait to see the finished bunny, looks great so far!

Thanks for sharing


Sarah (Crafts From The Cwtch) said...

Love your WIPs - I'm another who's looking forward to seeing that bunny :)

CloseAcademy said...

Bunnies are fun to knit. Can't wait to see it done.