Friday, December 30, 2011

December Daily 2011//December Daily

I cannot believe that December has passed by in a flurry of busy-ness, christmas and vets visits!!! I've barely blogged at all this month, my december daily is nowhere near close to finished but it has been a good month and I've been saving receipts, photos and things to get it finished!!!
So busyness: on the run up to christmas there were school concerts, nativities and parties; our trips to Glasgow and the German Market in Edinburgh. Then of course christmas day, which passed by far too quickly but it was lots of fun. And last week Lucky took sick, so she was rushed to the vet to have emergency surgery and then today she took a quite major allergic reaction to the sutures and had to be rushed in for a second surgery!!! So hugely busy, but all in all a good december. Here are some photos that will be making it into my December Daily:

This was Rusty playing with Kristofer's garage; which he got from Santa in 2010:
 This is me and Clare, on our way to Edinburgh to see my Mum:
 On our trip to Glasgow (which is a girls only annual day out) our first stop was Starbucks:
 Kristofer was a shepherd in his nativitiy, cute huh?:
 Robbie's class doing their songs at the school concert, he is at the front on the left, he sang so loudly and made us all very proud:
 On our Annual German Market trip, we saw (and went on) the big wheel:
 Kristofer got all dressed up for his nursery party:
 Robbie all dressed up for his primary 1 party:
 On Christmas Morning, Robbie was so excited he put his whole head in the sack!!!:
 And I made and decorated this year's christmas cake:
This was my very first attempt at fondant icing a cake, and I'm really really happy with it!!!
I'm hoping to do an end of the year post in the next few days, but who knows? Otherwise I'll see all of you in 2012.
V xo

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