Wednesday, November 02, 2011

3 Projects//WIP Wednesday

I personally think this year has gone far too quickly; how did it get to November already? Maybe someone put 2011 on fast-forward.....

Anyway I actually have some projects for WIP Wednesday (and I have a FO for Friday too). I am attempting the Gap-Tastic cowl; as I am definitely still a beginner I'm just doing a basic stitch for this - it's already looking good and is longer than it looks - it keeps curling up (any tips to stop that happening?). Overall I am actually enjoying this knit; and once you get past the first few rows, knitting in the round becomes much easier:
This is also a scarf, but I'm doing knit a row; purl a row - I dont know what that is called in the way of stitches); I am making this for my wife - she chose the yarn but I had hoped to be finished it by now; thankfully she is happy to wait:
And the socks; I started these in the summer and I do a row every now and again; but I'm confused as to whether I am even doing it completely right..... they take so long to knit because the yarn is thinner but I will get there - even if I only knit this ONE sock:
I'll be back on Friday for Finished Object Friday - yup the bag is finally finished!!!! Then over the weekend I have some October pics to share with you. Remember I have a new URL, so if you haven't bookmarked it - go do it now..... LOL.
V xo


Pussywillow & Purl said...

Love the colour for the socks! Looking forward to seeing your finished bits on Friday!x

Amy said...

These are great WIPs :) When you knit a row and then purl a row it is called stockinette get a bunch of lovely knit v's on one side, and purl bumps on the reverse side.

looking forward to seeing your FO!