Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rusty Diego//Daily

We got a new fur-baby, this is Rusty Diego:
Isn't he beautiful?? Robbie and Kristofer named him, but we've all fallen so much in love with him:
We bought him a little cave house, and he loves it....... he likes to go in and play with his little ball:
And he spends way to much time sitting on me like this:
Isn't he lovely? I mean he is totally gorgeous, he is just teeny and sleeps loads but when he's awake he runs around like a crazy and I have so many tiny scratches!!!!
That's me for now, sorry for the wee short post.
V xoxo

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Emily said...

Oh what a cutie!!! He's adorable!! I love cats! I love the last picture of him sitting like that!! Too funny! I agree, he is a gorgeous little guy! And I do like his name!!!