Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pinterest Sunday - Creative Station

Happy Sunday all,
Well we are back from our holiday, I will share some pics soon I promise!!!! In the meantime here is another Pinterest board of mine, Creative Station. I love all the creative pics that float around pinterest - so pretty, and so inspiring. Here are a few of my favourites:
I really need to make this with the kids, I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!!!
If I could find a space to have this, I so would!!!!
An art suitcase??? Um yes please!!! I wouldn't decorate it the same way but the inspiration is HUGE!!!!
This would be an amazing gift for crafter.... and you could do lots of different versions!!!!
I think this is really pretty, and the layers are awesome!!!
I love this, I want to make one!!!

You should really just go and type "creative" into the search box...... there are some really awesome artists out there......
I'll be back in the week, probably after Tuesday - Robbie will be starting school!!!!
love, V xoxo

*all the links go to my pinterest, the original sites are at the top right of the pinterest photos.


EWhyley said...

wow! I am clearly a creative trend-setter as we made the caterpillars about 2 weeks ago in class. then followed it up with tin-foil/crepe paper mini beasts this week!!
Much fun. x

lizzie said...

omg i love love the new layout of your blog!!!!

Spyder said...

ohoo Fabulous pics, I do love that blue cupboard!!