Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grow Your Own - I have pretties!!!

Happy Thursday
Ok so these photos were obviously taken before we left on Monday..... so by the power of blogger scheduling I bring you GROW YOUR OWN!!!

If you remember Grow Your Own, In the Beginning, I bought a pepper plant, some chive and tomato seeds and a small rose bush!!! So obviously since June there has been some growth - my chives are ready to be snipped (I forgot to get a photo tho); and here are some peppers:
Aren't they great? They are still green, they will hopefully turn orange in the coming month or so but they can take into early autumn to grow fully!!! I was very excited to see some of my tiny buds turn into peppers - they smell so good too:
My rose bush is doing well, and has 4 blooms of which these 2 are ready to come up..... I'm so excited to see it doing so well; I can hardly wait to see how they grow over the 4 days we are gone:
And I have no tomatoes yet BUT my plants are massive (remembering these were from seed); and there are some small flowers..... so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! My biggest plants had to go in a big pot in the garden as we've run out of space in the green house:
I do have a couple of smaller ones in the green house but they are not growing quite as well; apparently the amount of rain we've had is doing the big ones some good!!! I have another post for you on Friday so stop back then (if you want.... hehe).
love, V xoxo

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