Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Few of My Favourite.......

Happy Saturday all,
This post is coming to you  by the miracle that is scheduled posting, while I bake all day for Robbie's 6th Birthday Party tomorrow.
I thought I would just share a few of MY favourite things, these are all things that "live" in our bedroom; first up is my (slightly overcrowded) noticeboard:
This is my place to put little bits of art, pin badges, loyalty cards and so much more; I know it looks pretty unorganised but it's really not!!!!

Next is this gorgeous cross-stitch; my Gran made me this for Christmas a few years ago and I love it...... My gran has been pretty sick this last couple of years and next week she goes in to have a pretty big operation, this always keeps me close to her:
This is not the best photo but the stupid light was wrong; on honeymoon Jay and I went to a pottery painting place (so much fun) and I made a little trinket box:
My MIL gave me this piece; it's a very pretty acrylic brooch that was given to her by her mum - I love it and I wear it all the time:
We also collect Momiji dolls; we display our favourites on this little wall unit (the rest are in a glass cabinet); my favourite is the little green dressed one, with the bow on her hair (at the bottom) - I got her on our honeymoon so she's pretty special:
That's all for today, most of the next 2 weeks will be coming to you via scheduled posting because we are off housesitting for a few days and then up to Orkney with the kids for a few days too - very excited!!!!
love, V xoxo

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