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Fashion Feature - Megan

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Firstly apologies for the huge lack of blog posts; I got ill and a little down but hey ho as they say. Anyway's today I have the lovely Megan from Freckled Italian. Megan has written a gorgeous post for me and has been so patient over the last little while; so here she is:

Megan Flynn is an American graduate student and blogger living in Virginia. She studies Children's Literature at Hollins University. Her love of clothing and addiction to shopping are directly related to the twelve years she spent at a Catholic school, wearing the same uniform every day. She loves sushi and tea and little puppies. She is the author of Freckled Italian and can also be found on Twitter
Do you prefer designer; highstreet or vintage?

Well, after having to ask Vicki what "highstreet" was, I found out that I actually do prefer highstreet style! I'm a huge fan of J.Crew, which is where the majority of my wardrobe has come from. They can be quite pricey, though, so I make sure to take advantage of sales and stay away otherwise! I love the idea of vintage clothing and accessories but unfortunately own none of my own. And as far as designer items go, I try to keep a nice, small collection of pieces from designers to mix into my otherwise average wardrobe.
What forms your basic daily outfits?

When I go to work, I wear a nice dress or a skirt and pretty much always a pair of heels. On my days off, however, I like to wear jeans and some sandals or flats. My favorite outfit is a soft v-neck tee shirt and jeans. If it's chilly I'll pair it with a light scarf or a cardigan, and if it's warm outside I'll sometimes swap my jeans out for shorts--and I love sundresses. But I pretty much revolve all of my outfits around a nice, comfy shirt or a dress.

Do you prefer brights, neutrals or darks?

Well, I do love a good black dress or top. But I believe in a large variety of brights, neutrals and darks! I like having a lot to choose from. I have a few pieces in my closet that are a lovely pink or blue, but I have lots of grey and black in there, too.
Where do get your fashion inspiration?

Zooey Deschanel, Alice in Wonderland and Regina Spektor.
Spektor's music actually speaks to me and my style more than her clothes do. Every now and again my brother will actually say to me, "That dress is so Regina!" or "You look very Regina-esque today," and it means something.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 accessories would you take have with you?
Bikini, a big sun hat and my sunglasses!

Megan's Style Tips

1. Don't be afraid of classic pieces. They've been around forever for a reason: they work no matter what. You can always mix pieces and incorporate your own style.
2. Shop the sale racks, and do it sort of infrequently. I don't think I've ever gone on a really huge shopping spree. I get a few things if there's a sale and then I call it a day. My wardrobe is a working collection that just grows one shirt or pair of shoes at a time. It's a lot less overwhelming that way.
3. Scarves, belts and other accessories are so important. I've been able to use dresses and bags that I otherwise would have been sick of, just by adding a belt or a scarf or a necklace. It's more creative and economical than buying a whole new outfit.
4. When in doubt, add sunglasses.
5. Splurge on nice jeans and shoes. It's worth the extra money.

Wow that was an awesome interview; thank you so much Megan - make sure you all check out her blog.... it really is fab!!!! Also if you haven't left a comment for the lovely Stacy (post below); make sure you do so in the next few days - I will be announcing the winner before FRIDAY!!!!
love, V xoxo

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