Thursday, June 30, 2011

Birthday - Kristofer Part 2

Happy Thursday all,
I thought I would stop by before the summer "officially" starts...... in about 15 minutes. On Kristofer's actual birthday (which was 2 weeks ago), we went to Aberdour for the day. We went by train, had some lunch in a little cafe, went to the castle (the boys loved it) and had some ice-cream. They also had these orange lollies from the castle shop - I think they were tropical, they tasted horrible!!!! Anyhoo here are some pics:
Robbie and Kristofer being scary in (what was) the meat storage place:
Sunbathing, messing about and having cuddles:
Robbie in a blocked off doorway, they loved this:
Last time I was at Aberdour I tried to get bee photos - and none of them worked; this time I was determined:
I kind of fell in love with these:
And I WANT this house, isn't it cute?:

So that was Kristofer's birthday, he got so many presents too including a spiderman toy; spiderman jammies and t-shirt; a scooter; way too many waterguns; roller skates; a football goal; some fireman sam stuff - he was truly spoiled by our families. He had so much fun on both days; and got 2 cakes too!!!!!
Right I'm off - Robbie finished nursery today (start primary 1 after the summer) and I need to go pick them both up. So guess what??

love, V xoxo

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