Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday - Kristofer Part 1

Happy Wednesday all,
I can't believe it's been a week since I last blogged..... that is just so slack of me. Last week got kinda busy, Friday we had a beach day (yay SUN!!!), Saturday I was out cropping (layouts coming soon); on Sunday we did the Race for Life for Cancer Research - it was awesome. Monday we were back to rain, yesterday we went to the park (I got a little burnt) but today is a little quieter so I thought I'd take some time out to share Kristofer's birthday - these pics are his party, and I'll share pics from his big day soon.
I made a rainbow cake, I had seen the layered idea on Pinterest and I loved it - so I did some research and got started. We also decided to decorate it completely with sweeties - Kristofer loves sweeties (candy for all in USA) more than chocolate. Here are some cake pics:

His face when we brought it in was AMAZING, and the cake tasted good too. We were eating rainbow cake all week!!!!
We played pass the parcel a couple of time - the kids all loved it, and everyone went home with something!!!:
There was tons of food - infact we went out the next day and took leftovers for our picnic:
This was Kristofer opening his presents from Uncle Steve, Auntie Emma (check out her blog), Ben, Jake and Ollie - they had gotten him some really cool superhero stuff:
We divided our presents between his party and his actual birthday; so he got his spiderman scooter at his party....... he was so excited:
All in all it was a great party, and it was the first one we had done - so we were left feeling pretty happy about it. Robbie has requested a pirate ship cake....... he already decided on a pirate themed party so I need to get organised for that as his birthday is in about 4 weeks time.
Speaking of birthday's - I celebrate mine on Saturday. On Friday evening we are having a birthday tea - I can hardly wait already, then on Saturday I am spending the whole day in Edinburgh, just shopping and hanging out...... I am very excited!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by,
love, V xoxo

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Yum! That cake looks awesome!!!