Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog Break

Happy Wednesday all,
Ok so don't really panic; I'm taking a break for a while just while things settle down a bit, so much going on here:
  • We had 2 cats at the vet in 1 week - Rosie had problems with a thickening bowel but some antibiotics cleared that up and Smudgie got bitten by another cat and needed some painkillers and antibiotics - thankfully both of them are fine now and the vet is happy with them.
  • I am on week 2 of my 2nd OU assignment - I have another 2 weeks to go but I'll blog during that time - it's just that this week is Group Week so I have to keep myself available and on top of my work.
  • We've been planning our summer holiday plans; 2 boys to entertain for 6 weeks means we have to be organised.
I haven't done any scrapping in the past week; but i took some time out this afternoon to get started on a couple of altered items. I'm doing another wooden mannequin and a mask so they are both in the process of beign altered. Jay and I got some time out over the weekend to go to a Wedding Reception which was fun!! On Monday my MIL gave me a few retro/vintage things; I'll share pics next week maybe..... and she bought me a couple of plants - cherry tomatoes; orange peppers and chives!!!!

Right that's me, I must go and get organised for my "real time" online session for my group work - we're doing it tomorrow night but I want to be completely ready.
Be back next week;
love, V xoxo

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