Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Story

Last year I made this little book called DID My Story; but I never really talked much about it at the time, I think because it wasn't the right time. Just 2 days ago a friend of mine asked on Facebook if you could go back in time where would you go???
I had a long think about it; and decided I wouldn't go back - at least not to change things. Sounds weird huh? Most people would change something - my childhood/early life wasn't easy; nor has my 20's been - battling a very long illness has been tough. However if I hadn't gotten sick, and I hadn't had all those experiences I wouldn't be who I am today. 2 months ago now I came off my main medication - and it felt great; is my illness cured? NO.... I will always have Dissociative Identity Disorder, I will always have bad days but I made the choice to have good days too and to learn about my illness.
Having DID changed my life; it made me who I am now - and I am who I want to be.......... I'm not perfect, I have my failings but I'm happy - WHY would I go back and change my life? Changing the pattern of your life changes the whole course. I am not happy with my past, and sure if I could change the hurt and still be the same person now I totally would..... but it's not possible. I've accepted my life and my story for what it is and what is will be - and it feels good.

I know today's post is a little bit serious, but I'll be back tomorrow with Pinterest Sunday.
love, V xoxo


Deanna said...

I can really relate to what you mean about your illness being a part of making you who you are today. My boyfriend had a chronic illness and as hard as it was for him, he became a different person after being diagnosed. It's funny how good can come out of something bad.

I hope you continue to have more good days than bad. :)

Just Jaime said...

Congrats on getting off your meds and for feeling comfortable enough to talk about your D.I.D. Thanks for sharing.

Connie said...

Isn't it great to finally get to that palce~enjoyed your story and blog!!! new follower~ would love for you to visit me!!!

jeangenie said...

way to go vickie so glad you had a sucess in getting of the meds keep going forward and don t look back regards jean