Friday, March 25, 2011

Girl Crush Friday - Vintage Ladies

Happy Friday,

I started thinking about Girl Crushes about 3 weeks ago, before I knew that anybody else was really thinking about it - but the lovely Carla also does a Girl Crush Wednesday on her blog; it was her original idea and I would like to take this chance to credit that, it's awesome!!! And I'm sorry I didnt' discover it sooner.

So this week on Girl Crush Friday, I have some lovely "vintage" ladies for you; I have been reading alot about all 3 of these ladies and I am so inspired by the lives that they had so here they are:

Coco Chanel

I started reading a book about Coco a good while ago, but the writing is so small it's taking me time to get through it. Coco was an amazing woman, and designed the most beautiful things. She started out working in a hoisery department before going on to design her own hats; she made herself an empire; and a very beautiful brand that everyone knows!!! She really inspires me to be myself, to keep on going through the difficulties and to be individual:

Elizabeth Taylor

I was, personally, really sad to hear that she had passed away. She was so beautiful, both as a young woman and a mature woman (old seemed a little mean!!!). She was an amazing activist for HIV/Aids - something that so many of us avoid. She started out acting as a small child and went on to form an amazing career winning many awards for her films. She inspires me because of her strength through adversity, and she had amazing strength through some pretty serious illnesses:

Nancy Sinatra
Ok if you've seen my other GC posts you'll have noticed the distinct lack of blondes - this is not meant it's just I always crush on dark haired ladies!!!! (hehe). Anyway Nancy Sinatra is my 3rd girl crush for this week, and can you blame me? She is very beautiful and has had an amazing singing career. I currently have her cover of Bang Bang on my Ipod - it's a fantastic song, and she really does it justice (check it out on Youtube if you haven't heard it). She also recorded a song for one of the Bond films - that is a huge achievement. She inspires me because doesn't care what others think of her - she posed for playboy at the age of 54; one of her songs got banned from the radio for "suggestive" lyrics...... and yet she carries on!!!! She received her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006:
That's girl crush Friday over for another week, I have enjoyed reading up about these lovely ladies and sharing them with you.

I want to take this little opportunity to say thank you for all your kind emails and comment on my Japan post - the support for Japan was so overwhelming on many different sites, it's fantastic!!!
I'll be back tomorrow/Sunday to share March Part 2, have a great weekend.
Love, V xoxo

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outstanding post about some amazing women!