Sunday, January 23, 2011

London (Part 2) - Design Thinking

Happy Sunday all;
Firstly you will notice my new look (sorry... i know!!!); and also some new features - I've worked hard to create my brand new header and a little badge - take it, you know you want it!!! I've also added some badges from blogs I love, and I'm happy to feature others - let me know if you've got one. You may have also noticed my link bar; you can find out a little more about me; see my 2011 projects; my resume and some contact info (I like getting emails!!). Let me know what you think - I'm hoping to get back going with some of the features I started last year so if you would like to be a feature artist please just ask; or if there is something you would like to see you can ask that too.

Ok so I thought I'd show you the last of my London photos - because I didnt' know anybody I didn't actually take many photos with people in them..... instead while Scott and I were chatting about architecture I took some pictures that got me interested about my design course. Some of them I took because of the positive and some, well, not so much.

First here is the Nestle building - the shape of the windows etc reminds me of a Milky Bar; this one defintely went in the LIKE pile!!! Nestle (the pronunciation), has been a source of discussion in our house of late - because in 60's England it was pronounced "nestles"; however we went back to the french and have stayed that way ever since:
I wish I could have gotten this whole tower in, it's very beautiful and I love the colour of the bricks;
This building is named the 50 pence building - however if you actually looked at it from a birds eye view, it looks more like a 20 pence..... although I'm a little unsure why anyone would design a building using that as an inspiration; it's an interesting building but not necessarily for the right reasons:
My last inspirational picture was the jigsaw on the side of the town centre - I liked this; I thought it was quirky and a little different. As far as I can tell the jigsaw pictures are inspired by the town - which is fantastic:
This is a just for fun picture, and was taken inside the men's toilet:
*disclaimer - i did NOT take this photo!!!
Scott asked if he could borrow my camera to take into the toilet (weird huh); and when we saw this picture was the reason why - we didn't get WHY this sign is next to the toilet - but it did make me laugh!!!
That's it for London; I kind of miss it - but mostly for the starbucks... LOL not really; I made some lovely new friends but it is good to be home.
I'll be sharing some layouts tomorrow or Tuesday that I did at the crop yesterday - it was alot of fun and I got 3 layouts done.
loves, V xx

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Very cool that tower is awesome!