Friday, January 21, 2011

London (Part 1)

Happy Friday all,
This was going to be a photo heavy post but blogger was refusing to upload my other photos - so I'm doing my London trip in 2 parts. Weirdly I'm starting at the end...........on Monday we had planned on going to Camden BUT it rained so we did this instead:

I would like to share that 25 is my highest score in bowling - I am not good at it; i think you have to be incredibly co-ordinated and I'm just now however I did have fun!

I took this picture just because the balls looked arty...... mine were the green ones (very light):

This is Jay and I at the bowling alley on the day:
We also went for a tram ride - which was so much fun; we don't have trams up here (although we're getting them in Edinburgh soon):
The only times we were in central London were when we arrived and left; we stayed in Croydon for the weekend. We met up with some of Jay's old friends; who just accepted me and I have made some lovely new friends now too. The biggest thing I noticed about London is that everything is so BIG...... especially in comparision to here; it's odd.
All in all we had a really good time; and Neil and Caroline's wedding was beautiful. We had a very busy weekend and it's taken us a few days to catch up on sleep.
I'll be posting some more about our London trip next week and I'll have some layouts
as it's the crop tomorrow.
In other news (completely unrelated) my OU course materials arrived and I have to say -they are interesting. I won't be sharing much about what I'm doing until I've received marks etc but I'm very excited about it.
loves, V xx


Maggi said...

Sounds like you had a great time, can't wait to see more pics!

Meg said...

Great pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I was checking out your profile page...Chicken bones creep me out, i will NOT eat chicken with bones in them and my favorite movie is The Color Purple, I just watched it the other day! See, I do have more in common with fellow bloggers than with "real life" people! HA!