Thursday, September 16, 2010

What do you think????

Happy Thursday all,
As you all know I've had new features on my blog recently, so with new features comes a new look AND a new blog title - I've changed from Artistic License, which was all about the art, to but, it's a good place to start, which is about so much more. I will still be displaying my art and scrapbooking, but I'll be doing vintage posts, my weekly musings, interviews, recipes and lots more!!!
I figured now is a good time to do something different...... it's a new start for me, not just for my blog but also for my life (with the wedding in 3 weeks).
For me, but it's a good place to start, is just that - I'm not pretending to know everything about vintage, cooking or anything else for that matter BUT you have to start somewhere right??? I'll be blogging about the things I love - not necessarily the things I know lots about!!! LOL...... so this is my good place to start.... and I hope you still follow it and you love to read.
If you're interested in getting a new look for your blog, go check out Kristine Davidson's blog - she's awesome!!
I'm off now, but I will be back in the next few days with a fun little blog post.


Kristine said...

It was a pleasure working with you Vicki! thank you so much for letting me decorate your blog ;-) ENJOY!!!

Hanneke van der Linde said...

It looks awesome! :D

Lou and Mel said...

Great new look - threw me for a minute because I didnt recognise it.

Metal_Minish said...

Awesome indeed, can't wait to see the new features! ^-^

Bethany Mason said...

Love the look and the name - looking forward to the new features.

Calia Yang said...

hey love!! i love the new look, it's nice and fresh. I think incorporating the things you love in 1 blog is awesome. That's why I changed my blog and the image. My blog is about everything I love! heheh from cute things, to japanese things, to korean things, to scrapbooking, to makeup, to music...the list goes on and on! ^_^

I'm seriously soooooo happy and excited for you and your wedding!!

Congrats again!

Catherine said...

The blog looks awesome!

How are you holding up with the wedding so close? Not too nervous... very excited? :)