Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dedicated Follower????

Happy Saturday all,
I never really view myself as being all that fashion forward - I don't know what's "in", but I'm not really sure how much I actually care if I'm honest.
I think it's all well and good being a dedicated follower (of fashion, that is) BUT what if the styles don't suit your body shape...... or what if you JUST don't like the new style for the season. It sounds like too much hard work for me. I'm happy to dress in what I'm comfortable in, the style that suits me and the colours I love.
Here are some new wintery things that i REALLY love (and want!!):

This cute jumper is just the prettiest one I've seen in a while - it's super gorgeous and the flowers are fantastic, plus I love the colours:
I know it's a dress, but team it with a cute military jacket or cardigan, some black tights and some super cute boots and it's the perfect winter going-out dress:
I am sooo into scarves, for the spring and autumn I like cotton ones, but for the winter you can't beat a brightly coloured clashy scarf, so I fell in LOVE with this crotchet/doilie one from Accesorize:
Lastly these uber-fabulous boots, the colour is awesome and the peep-toe gives that something special!!!! I don't really wear heels much anymore but wedges are a little different and so much more comfortable:
So what are your "dedicated follower" buys for this season??? Are you a trendsetter...... or do you just go with the flow?
Ok so I know that I don't usually do style posts at the weekend BUT I'm not going to do posts on specific days - at least not for now....... I'll do it a little more random, and a lot more fun!!! I will be back in next week with some scrappy pages, vintage loving, a wedding post AND a fabby interview!!!
Oh and thanks for the lovely comments on my new blog look - I'm loving it. See you all soon.


Anonymous said...

Ooh I love that dress Vicki, where is it from?

I have just got back from shopping and picked up a couple of lovely bits from H&M, think I might post them to my blog :D (but which blog I'm not sure, I'm seeming to migrate towards Hip and Thrifty now!)

Calia Yang said...

i agree with you - i sorta kinda keep up with fashion - but not to the point where I NEED to get that!! LOL I agree with you on the "what if it doesn't fit your body type" I try to pick things that are agreeable with my body - especially since I'm not the thing gal I used to be! LOL ^_^

btw - that polkadot dress is CUTE!!

Lou and Mel said...

As far as I can see - Fashion is very different to Style and I always prefer Style!
People who have style can sometimes wear some very strange gear - but its what suits them and their personality - they can carry it off!
I absolutely love the polka dot dress - now thats my kind of style!